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Dear  Friends,

We are in a time of awakening, where the ancient knowledge of being and the understanding of our own existence is returning to the earth.
The knowledge has always been there, but it has been preserved in small and mostly hidden traditions of knowledge, protected from collective ignorance and destruction.
The knowledge was tightly kept by shamans in many indigenous cultures. Now, in this time of Awakening, a lot of this knowledge can be shared again with the world.

We are beings of the Earth, and we are beings of the Universe.  
At the same time, we are Unending beings, sourced in an Unending Reality. Beings of purpose and beings of Unending possibilities.

In the Ancient traditions of the Earth, the way of being has always been in great harmony with the Earth and with our unending existence.  Being in open connection, makes us bringers of Medicine and Beauty for ourselves and for the World around us.

Be Welcome


Ceremonies are creating and opening a clean Sacred space in which we can unfold Ourselves or any Reality for many different reasons.
Ceremony stops the mind, make us aware, and helps us to step over to the senses of the spirit and to be in a state without resistance.

We offer different ceremonies for different purposes and different occasions. Ceremonies for Healing, Ceremonies for Awakening, different Initiations, Ceremonies for Medicine, Ceremonies for Knowledge.
All come in different forms and are supported by different elements, like Sound and Music, Dance & Movement, Breathing, Sweat, Medicine Places and more.


Ceremony helps to shift your perspective of the world and changes the reality around you.

We offer Sweatlodges, Initations, Trancedance, Medicine Lodges, Healing Lodges, Fire Ceremonies, Sun and Moon ceremonies and more. 

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Healing is bringing back harmony in life between all different parts of our being. Healing is taking away the misconceptions about what we are and what we think life is. Healing is reconnection with the flow of life. Healing is breathing deeply, is opening up and bringing back a polarity of spirit into our life.
Healing is opening beyond the tensions, beyond the pain, beyond the anger and beyond the illness.

Healing is becoming whole again, where everything works together as one, 

The Path of healing is an adventure, even though it is not always easy to see. It takes courage and responsibility to claim back our life and to look truthfully to what we are and to what is present. 
Healing can be supported with herbs, supplements etc, but true healing moves with a decision of oneself to change life in line with your true nature.


All teachings given here are teachings coming from direct experience and direct knowing. The teachings are transferred from our Teachers through Ceremony and Realisation, or given by Ancestors and other Spirithelpers.
Words can only be direction finders to knowledge itself, even so Truth can be spoken and can create and change reality when spoken from a state of Purity.

The teachings and ceremonies you find here are given in an sincere way and are always there to open the way, to fall back in what is, and to remember our original state of being.

There are classical lines of knowledge, even so nothing is fixed......

Be welcome to explore if there are events that you like to be part of.

Upcoming Events

  • The Art of Shamanism
    The Art of Shamanism
    Thu, 26 Sept
    26 Sept 2024, 12:00 – 29 Sept 2024, 17:00
    Drakenland, Stadsedijk, Zelhem, Netherlands
    26 Sept 2024, 12:00 – 29 Sept 2024, 17:00
    Drakenland, Stadsedijk, Zelhem, Netherlands
    A very intensive Shamanic Training ( 5 blocks of 4 days), in which we move into the knowledge of our existence.

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