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Koen Silver Wolf Drum

Koen Silver Wolf Drum is a Healer, Ceremonial leader and Teacher, always open to explore new ways for people to open up, to heal and to understand the truth of their existence.
He has a strong drive to move beyond boundaries of small self,  always looking for an original way of being on the earth. "The true self is with unending possibilities and is in deep harmony with the world around"


All About Me

When I was very young, I was deeply connected with nature, plants and animals. I grew up half in the forest and half in the city. I had a happy youth, even so I didn't understand why so many 'grownups' where hiding their true face, not making contact with one another and with the nature around them.

When I was 14 years old, my father got very ill and passed away. I still remember how he left his body. This experience intensified my search for truth and for something that would make my life worth living for. There had to be something real, something deep and fulfilling. 

In this search I touched many different spiritual traditions, and was very close with my brother in this, inspiring each other to reach deeper.

Years later when I did a first Shamanic Ceremony.  We where inviting a totem in a dance and by  dancing we became one with it. A White Swan came to me, and while transforming into the Swan, she gave me so much knowledge in one time, I realised that this way of learning is the most natural way of learning on the earth. I stopped my Study of Alternative Medicines and dove completely into Shamanism. Always looking for the living knowledge and the full experience of becoming that knowledge.

Now we are more then 25 years later and I realise that the path is unending and the deepness of being is unending. So I keep on exploring and learning and am happy to help opening the path for many others as well.

On my path I learned from several Shamans from several traditions. Mostly from Siberian tradition and from North America.

Grand Sachem Dancing Thunder has been a teacher for me for 20 years.

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